What Is Photography ?


      In less than a hundred years, photography has become an integral part of almost every part of our lives.  Almost everyone has a camera in their cell phone and takes pictures all day, every day.  We see pro stock master images constantly in our electronics, print media and advertising.

      Since photography has become so wide and varied, it is difficult to determine what photography is and whether it is still an art form.  This article examines how photography became known and is now widely used both in everyday life and in the art world.

      A simple definition of photography is that it is the process of capturing light and forming an image with an instrument called a camera.  Such a camera, if modernized, could take various forms, including cameras for cell phones, digital cameras and traditional analog cameras.

      What is the purpose of photography?

      Photography can serve many purposes and has many aspects.  Photography can tell a story, capture a moment, document and become art.  There are many technical uses for photography as well as social and creative uses.  The way we use and interact with photography is very individual and will vary from person to person.

      Is photography an art?

      Photography can be an art form, but not all photographs are created as works of art or artistic expression.  It took some time for photography to be truly recognized as a legitimate art form.  Today, however, many art museums and art galleries display photographic works of art.

      What is photography?

      However, with the rise of photography, debate has raged about whether photography is really art.

      Is photography a visual art?

      As a relatively new medium, photography is not one of the seven traditional art forms, but is included in the broader definition of the visual arts.  In the fine arts, photography can be classified as a fine art or a commercial art.  many artists.

      What is Artistic Photography?

      The art of photography is photographs that were made to be viewed as works of art.  They are specifically designed for creative expression, not business reporting.  They are rare and collectible and can be displayed like other art forms.

      Photographic art differs from other forms of photography for educational, documentary, or commercial purposes, such as selling a product or documenting evidence or trial.

      Examples of non-artistic photography can include advertising, passport photos, photographic evidence, news photos, etc.  Personal photographs such as selfies, everyday portraits, and family photos are also not considered photographic art.  However, the picture may still appear in fine art photography.

      There are other examples where the line between commercial photography and fine art photography is getting blurred.  For example, fashion photography is created for a small commercial purpose, even if the artist lets his creativity run free.  Many examples of fashion photography artwork may have been used in a commercial setting, such as a fashion magazine, but have now become collectibles.

      Definition Of Photographic Art

      Definition of fine art photography, also known as “fine art photography”, is a photographic work of art created from the artist’s point of view.  The artwork uses photography as the artist’s chosen medium for creative expression.  The purpose of art photography is to express a creative idea, message or feeling that is unique to the artist.