Taking Care of Afro 4C Hair

afro hair
While wearing an afro is a bold way to showcase the natural beauty of African hair, it is not the simplest hairstyle to maintain and care for. Your hair can easily become frizzy and dried out without the TLC it needs. The following are a few afro hair care tips to keep your ‘fro looking fresh and shiny. Consider the 4c hair clip ins my natural hair extensions has on this page. They are perfect for black women whome wear natural and afro etxtured hair, as it provides a great example of actual african hair types. It feels and looks extaclty like 4c hair. First of all, it is important to know why afro hair is so delicate. Since the follicle of afro hair is curved, this makes it difficult for the oil that is produced in your scalp to travel down the curly locks. The result is that curly hair tends to be drier than straight hair. This means you should wash it less often than straight hair since washing hair frequently can actually dry it out. For afro hair, it is recommended that it be washed every 5-7 days. Be sure to use products specifically designed for afro hair. These products should contain more moisturizing agents and less cleansing agents. As a result, they should be thicker than other hair products. Good natural ingredients to look for in shampoos and conditioners are jojoba and mango. If you notice your hair to be especially dry, use a deep conditioner that contains products like panthenol and coconut or sunflower oil. These oils will work to fill in hair cuticles that have been damaged by heat or chemicals. Whatever you do, do not use hair care products that contain mineral oil or petroleum. Products like these can clog up your hair cuticles and don’t absorb well anyway. So this means abandoning your grandmama’s petroleum jelly remedy. There are much better products on the market nowadays specifically designed for afro hair care. Another challenge common among afro hair is that the hairs themselves are thinner making them prone to tangle. This can make it more difficult to style and comb. If you find yourself facing this problem, make sure you are using a wide tooth comb or pick to gently untangle your hair. Also, be sure to use a silk scarf to wrap around your afro when you sleep. This will keep your hair from breaking due to friction while you sleep. Also, do not wait for your hair to dry before you comb it. Take the comb to it just after you have washed it, while it is still wet. You might even comb it before you have rinsed out your conditioner. To maintain your afro throughout the week in between washes, one afro hair care tip is to spray it every day with water-based sprays like rose water or a mixture of aloe and rose water. This will help keep the moisture locked into your afro. It will also keep your afro smelling and feeling fresh in between washes. You also want to be sure to pay close attention to your diet. Eating lots of fresh healthy foods and drinking plenty of water will keep your locks looking beautiful for months on end.